I have recently noticed a troubling trend that is creeping up on some internet websites. There are some companies that seem to be confusing the public with ridiculous claims about G force.

Likely in their pursuit of increased sales, some companies have started to tout huge G-Force claims for their machines. Claiming G force that is higher than 10, 11, even 25 G's is absurd. Jet fighter pilots are subjected to incredible G-Forces when flying supersonic jets. These specially trained pilots in the peak of their physical training cannot tolerate more than 8 G before passing out. Most average people cannot even handle 5G. Yet some of these vibration companies make outrageous claims and try to tell you that the more G force the better and that their machines have the highest G Force.

It is medically documented that extremely high G-Forces are not good for a person and that these high G Forces have no correlation to proper vibration training. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that relatively high peak G-Force levels can be severely damaging if they are at the resonant frequency of organs and connective tissues. This can lead to irreversible damage to soft tissue and can shut down kidneys, damage joints, cause brain injury and detach retinas. Some very damaging effects for sure. Possibly even fatal results.

A machine that offers G-Force between 2 and 4 is the proper range of G force. This is real G force I am referring to and not some made up 25 G claim that some marketing sites are claiming. One must think of the reason we want G-Force in the first place when thinking about vibration machines. The general notion is that if you are working out with weights, the more weight the better, but to a point. If you weigh 200 pounds and are working with weights that are 100 pounds for example that is a very thorough workout. Vibration machines work on the principal of multiplying your own body weight through G-Force to increase the load that your muscles have to work against. So for example, if the machine reaches 2 G, that 200 pound person is now effectively working with a 400 pound weight. Thatís an incredible load to work out with. Now imagine that this same 200 pound person is working out with one of these 25G machines, itís as if he is now working out with a 5000 Lb weight. Who does that? When have you ever seen anyone exercising with or been told by a professional to work out with a 5,000 Lb weight? Thatís like doing bench presses with 2 Austin Mini automobiles. Itís absurd when one does the math and sees that these claims just cant be true. You would die and die very quickly working with weights that large. Even working with weights ľ of that, meaning a G-Force of 6 would be like working out with a 1200 Lb weight. You would do so much damage to your knees, hips, elbows and other joints. Thatís not to mention the damage you would incur to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. Its basic mathematics, one would never want to use weights in that range when working out. I have never met a professional physical trainer whom would advise one of their clients to work out with such big weights, nor have I ever met anyone who could work out with such weights.

I find it very disturbing that some companies would stoop so low as to make claims like this and even if their machines could reach these levels of G-Force, why would they encourage their customers to use it? Surely they must be aware of the damage this could cause. Disgusting marketing practices in my opinion!

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