Medical use of vibration machines

As I have been long stating, there is a great need in our medical community to embrace the usage of whole body vibration machines. These vibrating platforms, especially the properly calibrated ones, can really help a great number of people that are suffering from serious medical ailments.

From arthritis to Parkinsonís disease, there is a myriad of medical conditions that are well suited to treatment by whole body vibration machines.

Please donít get me wrong, these machines are not going to cure a person with diabetes, for example, however, when the right equipment is used and it is used properly, these machines can help alleviate many of the concerns that people are suffering from.

I was really pleased to see that is now highlighting some videos that address the proper use of their machines for treating medical conditions. They have videos on how to properly use vibration therapy for treating concerns such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, parkinsons, diabetes, and back pain. These videos incorporate the perspective from medical staff and personal trainers. I find them to be very informative and helpful. I even learned a few things myself watching them, so I am sure that the everyday lay person will learn a great deal. If you or any one that you know is suffering from any of these, please visit the vibrapro website to view the videos and learn more about how to properly use vibration therapy to help you treat specific medical conditions.

Update on technology

Vibra Pro Genesis - Whole Body Vibration Machine

When I was at a health technology convention in Dallas recently I was drawn into an exhibit with a new prototype whole body vibration machine offered by Vibra Pro. Iíve seen a lot of different machines in my time, but this one was unique in that offered the dual motion style of movement but with a radically new internal mechanism that seems bulletproof. Read More...


I recently had the opportunity to assist a lady from the Mid-West who was looking for help in selecting a proper vibration machine. In fact she has tried many machines and had in-home trials of a few different brands. The knowledge she gained combined with her personal experiences, plus my encouragement, led her to create her own website.

On her website she shares her findings and has created her own buyer's comparison guide. Her goal is similar to mine, which is to share the wealth of knowledge that we have gained from all the research we have done on whole body vibration machines. Her selection criteria is a little different than mine, however, it's nice to see other people sharing their opinions on these machines.

If you have a moment visit her website

Hi my name is Peter, I was an avid marathon runner until I had a car accident a few years back. After my car accident I could not exercise regularly and my health deteriorated. I browsed the library, the internet, spoke to countless doctors and therapists for exercise solutions that could bring me back to where I wanted to be. I stumbled across a new phenomenon called whole body vibration. Ecstatic about the finding I quickly made a purchase.

I purchased a vibration machine from a company on the internet that claimed to be a USA manufacturer ranking their unit among the best in the world. They said their vibration machines were being used by celebrities and athletes all over. They blatantly lied to me. Although I was disappointed with this company, I still believed in the science behind whole body vibration as there are a lot of materials and advocates recommending the benefits of whole body vibration.

Trying to learn from my initial bad purchase experience, I set out to purchase my next vibration machine. I decided to purchase a unit from a large retail chain store online. I thought, if a large retail chain store is selling them than they must be at least ok quality. Basically, not only was the machine not powerful enough, I really couldn’t believe how cheap the unit was built. Yet another disappointment, I knew there were machines on the market for about $5000 - $10,000, but with my current situation and health related issues this was definitely not an option that I could afford.

The more I researched the whole body vibration history, clinics, and success stories, the more intrigued and knowledgeable I became. A few months ago I purchased a Vibra Pro machine online and I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised on how good this machine works. My back pain has significantly subsided and my range of motion is much better. I recommended it to my doctor who has followed my progress and he is now recommending whole body vibration to his other patients who had similar problems as I.

Thank you to all of you that have written me asking to purchase a vibration machine from me. As I have stated in the past, I do not sell vibration machines, nor do I have any plans in the future to sell them. For your convenience I have assembled a short list of companies that do sell whole body vibration machines.

This list is based on first person testimonials that I have received. Obviously there are more companies out there selling machines than appear on this list, but these are companies that I have received good reviews about. I recommend that you check them out.

I have created this website to warn others that although there are reputable companies selling on the internet. There are also many companies that pretend to be something they are not and you should be aware of whom you buy your vibration machine from. Whole body vibration therapy worked for me, and hopefully my experience and this website will help others.


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